The proposed development is for a mixed use development containing residential development in the form of apartments and houses, a student accommodation block, a creche facility with café, and two small retail units to serve the local population incl. student population. Vehicular access is from a single access point from Pa Healy Road in the southern boundary of the site.

The development will consist of the following:

  1. Seven apartment blocks ranging in height between six and 16 storeys (283 apartments);
  2. Eight three storey duplex apartment units (20 apartments);
  3. 30 no. three storey three and four bedroom dwelling units;
  4. One student accommodation block of three to six storeys with two retail units on the ground floor (280 sq. m) accommodating ca. 196 beds paces;
  5. One two storey childcare building plus café (369 sq. m);
  6. Ca. 340 car parking spaces and bicycle storage facilities in underground and surface accommodation;
  7. Ca. 10180 sq. m (26% of site area) public open space area incl. playground;
  8. Access roads, bicycles lanes and pedestrian footpaths;
  9. Diversion of gravity based storm water and foul water sewer pipelines across the site to the northern site boundary;
  10. Demolition of existing vacant industrial building and all associated site development works and infrastructure.”